Seven Tips on Eating Out

Seven Tips on Eating Out

by Isabelle Workman

Restaurants and fast-food places offer a variety of options when eating out. But larger portions can make it easy to eat or drink too many calories. Think about ways to make healthier choices.

1. Consider Your Drink – choose water, fat free, or low fat milk, unsweetened tea, and other drinks without added sugars.
2. Savor A Salad – start your meal with a salad packed with vegetables to help you feel satisfied sooner. Ask for dressing on the side and use a small amount of it.
3. Share A Main Dish – divide a main entree between family and friends. Ask for small plates for everyone at the table.
4. Order A Side Dish Or An Appetizer Sized Portion Instead Of A Regular Entree. They’re usually served on smaller plates and in smaller amounts.
5. Fill Your Plate With Vegetables And Fruit – stir fries, kabobs, or vegetarian menu items usually have more vegetables. Select fruit as a side dish or dessert.
6. Pass On The Buffet
7. Quit The Clean Your Plate Club – decide to save some for another meal. Take leftovers home in a container and chill in the refrigerator right away!

Author ImageBy Isabelle Workman
Social Media Director for The Workman Law Firm, PLLC

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