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In November, 2016, Workman Law Firm, PLLC filed suit against Monsanto Company, alleging that a young man developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma following exposure to a Monsanto product known as Roundup, an herbicide used to kill weeds that damage crops. In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a division of the World Health Organization, found glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, to be “probably carcinogenic,” as it caused cancer in lab tests on animals and damaged DNA in human cells. Recently, California became the first state to label Roundup as carcinogenic.

Tractor-trailer crash victim collects $750,000.

Charlotte, NC –   Attorney Michael Workman of Workman Law Firm in Charlotte, NC today announced another significant settlement arising from a tragic 18-wheeler truck crash.  In his most recent case, a 69-year-old Charlotte, NC preacher, riding as a passenger in a pick-up truck traveling from Charlotte to Richmond, suffered multiple injuries in a tractor-trailer collision on Interstate 85 in Henderson County, North Carolina.

The 18-wheeler truck, owned by Thomas Enterprises of Greensboro, slammed into the rear of the pick-up truck’s towed van, propelling the pick-up truck 70 yards down the freeway.  The victim suffered a fractured wrist, multiple fractured vertebras, and a mild brain injury.  Her broken bones required a three-month stay in a skilled nursing facility.  Miraculously, her injuries substantially resolved and she’s returned home.

According to the accident victim’s attorneys, Michael Workman and Brian deBrun of Charlotte, she filed suit last year, claiming impairment of the tractor-trailer driver.  Available records indicated that he had not taken his prescription diabetic medications for at least three months prior to the crash.  In addition, an accident reconstructionist testified that while the driver had over ten seconds to avoid the crash, he didn’t hit his brakes until the last second.

The defendant trucking company and its driver contested both liability and damages.  They claimed that debris thrown from the pick-up truck’s bed distracted the driver, and argued that the victim’s injuries had almost fully healed.  Shortly before the May, 2013, trial date, she accepted the defendants’ offer to have judgment entered against them in the sum of $750,000.  The judgment has been paid.

The victim’s attorney, Michael Workman, commented that he’s seen a dramatic increase in serious truck crashes on mid-Atlantic interstate highways.  Last year, he settled a tractor-trailer case arising from an accident in Wythe County, Virginia.  His client, an 82-year-old Charlotte, NC resident, was returning home to Charlotte when a truck driver travelling behind him became distracted during a cell phone call.  The big rig clipped the rear of his car, causing it to careen into a retaining wall at 70 mph.  He barely survived and spent 18 months at a local nursing home.  Once his case settled, however, he was able to secure round-the-clock nursing care and come back home.  His $2.5 million settlement was a top-ten personal injury settlement in Virginia last year.


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