Making Family Meals

Making Family Meals

by Isabelle Workman

Family meals around the table provide an opportunity to spend time together. Try these tips to help your family enjoy mealtimes together.

1. Plan your meals – avoid stress at mealtime by planning a weekly menu and posting it in a location for everyone to see, like a chalkboard in the kitchen.
2. Prep ahead – have ingredients for the week ready. After you shop, cut vegetables and measure ingredients in advance for easier meals.
3. Make mealtimes a priority – make time for family meals when planning your household’s schedule each week. Try to cook, eat up, and clean up together.
4. Think beyond dinner – if evenings are too hectic at your house, consider other meals for family time such as a weekend brunch or even afternoon snack time.
5. Keep meals fun and focused – keep the family table a media – and stress – free zone. Use your valuable family time to “unplug”, interact, and focus on each other.

Author ImageBy Isabelle Workman
Social Media Director for The Workman Law Firm, PLLC

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