Family Physical Fitness

Family Physical Fitness

by Isabelle Workman

Physical activity is important for adults, teenagers, and children. Adults need 30 – 45 minutes a day and children and teenagers need at least 60 minutes. Follow these tips to add more activity to your family’s busy schedule.

1. Determine time slots through the week when the whole family is available. Try doing something active after dinner and begin the weekend with a Saturday morning walk.
2. Plan ahead and track your progress. Write down your activity plans on a family calendar. Let the kids help in planning activities and check them off when completed.
3. Include work around the house. Involve the kids in yard work and other active chores around the house. Have them help you with the raking, weeding, planting, and vacuuming.
4. Use what is available – plan activities that require little or minimum equipment. Examples include walking, jogging, jumping rope, dancing, playing tag.
5. Plan for all weather conditions – try indoor swimming, mall walking, or active video games.
6. Turn off the TV – set a rule that no one can spend longer than 2 hours a day playing video games, watching TV, or using the computer (except for schoolwork). Instead go for a bicycle ride when the weather is nice.
7. Involve other families – invite others to join your family. This is a great way to socialize and be active at the same time.
8. Treat the family with fun activities – plan a trip to the zoo, park, or lake. Just keep the whole family moving!

Author ImageBy Isabelle Workman
Social Media Director for The Workman Law Firm, PLLC

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