Codes and Standards

American Association of State   Highway Transportation Officials

American Concrete Institute

Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines

American Nuclear Society

American National Standards Institute

American Petroleum Institute

American Society of Agricultural Engineers

American Society of Heating, Refrigeration   Air-Conditioning Engineers

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

American Society for Testing and Materials

American Water Works Association

American Welding Society

Association of Pool & Spa Professionals

Building Officials and Code Administrators International

Canadian Standards Association

Code of Federal Regulations

Council of American Building Officials

Electronic Industries Alliance

Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Acquisition Regulations

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

Food and Drug Administration

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

International Association for Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

International Conference of Building Officials

International Standards Organization

National Association of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors

National Board of Boiler Pressure Vessel Inspectors

National Fire Protection Association

National Institute of Standards and Technology

National Spa Pool Institute

National Swimming Pool Foundation

National Safety Council

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Society of Automotive Engineers

Underwriters Laboratories

United States Code

U.S. Department of Transportation

Practice Areas

Charlotte, NC attorney specializing in Motor Vehicle Crashes

Motor Vehicle Crashes

When the Rules of the Road are violated.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in Brain Injury Litigation

Brain Injury

The silent epidemic.

Charlotte NC Attorney Specializing in Wrongful Death Litigation

Wrongful Death

When your loved one's life is taken.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in Pool Filter Explosions

Pool Filter Explosions

Filter top blow offs occur without warning.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in workplace injuries

Workplace Injuries

Safety first, not last.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in business litigation

Business Litigation

When you're the victim of a financial scam.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in product hazards

Product Hazards

Consumer safety always comes first.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in birth injury

Birth Injury

What to do when they hurt your baby.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in Premises Liability

Premises Liability

How to protect yourself

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