Workplace Injuries

American workers spend almost half of their waking hours at work. Each year, workplace accidents cause approximately 7,000 job-related deaths and 15 million nonfatal injuries nationwide. If you are injured or become ill, either physically or mentally, because of your job, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. These laws are designed to provide injured workers with partial wage replacement and other benefits, as well as medical expenses. As a general rule, injured workers are prohibited from suing their employers but may sue another company which is wholly or partially responsible for their injuries.

In North Carolina, the top 4 hazards causing death in the construction industry are Falls (improperly constructed scaffolds, defective ladders, faulty guardrail systems); Electrical (wiring hazards, ungrounded power tools, frayed extension cords); Struck-by Hazards (falling debris, vehicles, nail guns); and Caught-In Hazards (poor trench construction). Attorney Michael Workman has substantial experience representing injured construction workers.

Representative Cases:

Six-figure settlement to 35-year-old worker who lost 3 fingers in stamping machine accident because his employer failed to install safety guard.

Confidential settlement to 42-year-old man who sustained severe tinnitus (constant, high-pitched squealing sound in his ears) when a chemical drum he was ordered to clean exploded.

On his second day on the job, father of 4 young children killed in violent explosion when a highly flammable gas became trapped inside a plastic processing machine.

Young father sustains permanent back injuries when a defective, misinstalled handrail gave way and allowed him to fall 12 feet, cracking the small of his back on a cement floor.

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