Hazardous Products

Complex product liability cases demand a skilled, experienced lawyer. State and federal laws provide extensive remedies for injuries caused by defective consumer and homeowner products, including monetary compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and past and future medical expenses. Defendant manufacturers fight hard to prevent disclosure of their internal documents and emails because all too often these records demonstrate a striking lack of concern for consumer safety.

Attorney Michael Workman has successfully represented injured consumers in cases arising from the defective design and manufacture of a wide variety of consumer, household, and industrial products, including medical devices, swimming pool equipment, automobile restraint systems, amusement park rides, pleasure boats, exercise equipment, and construction equipment.

Other Representative Product Liability Cases: 

26-year-old woman sustained back injuries caused by a defective amusement park ride. 

27-year-old woman suffered a spinal fracture following the negligent application of an untested, unapproved medical brace. 

Young woman thrown off bow of pleasure boat sustained severe propeller gashes to her leg, and eventual amputation, due to the boat manufacturer’s failure to install a propeller guard. 

35-year-old man suffered a disc herniation in his back while using a defective exercise machine.

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