Premises Liability

Every owner or occupier of property may be legally responsible for injuries occurring on the property. For example, severe injuries can be caused by falling merchandise in “big box” retail stores, defective rides at amusement parks, assaults caused by inadequate parking lot security, slips and falls, dog and other animal attacks, and dangerous conditions in homes. As a general rule, the law favors the property owner; therefore, it is critical that an injured person hire an experienced attorney.

Representative Cases: 

Seven-figure settlement for young child who suffered mild traumatic brain injury at amusement park.

Seven-figure settlement for local radio show host who sustained multiple fractures in restaurant slip-and-fall.

Young woman suffered severe knee injuries after tripping in a concert parking lot.

Six-figure settlement for 8-year-old girl bitten in face by neighbor’s dog.

Six-figure settlement for television screenwriter bitten on hand by neighbor’s pit bull.

Severe back injury caused by the failure of a stable to oversee and manage its riding horses.

Six-figure settlement for 10-year-old boy who sustained a severe eye injury in a BB gun accident at a neighbor’s home.

Teenager riding on a jetski sustained severe propeller gashes to his foot, resulting in amputation, in a collision with a pleasure boat.

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