Automobile Crashes

Automobile and Commercial Truck Crashes

Attorney Michael Workman has successfully handled thousands of crash cases involving vehicles as varied as cars, buses, trucks, construction vehicles, freight trains, sport utility vehicles, and tractor-trailer rigs. Although driver inattention causes most wrecks, careful investigation often reveals other factors, including faulty vehicle design and manufacturing defects. These defects often increase injury severity. 

Speeding tractor-trailer trucks are a major hazard on our interstate highways. These big rigs weigh more than 25 times the average passenger car. The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that last year over 5,000 people died and over 131,000 suffered injuries as a result of big rig crashes. Immediately after a serious accident, the trucking company’s lawyers and insurance adjusters focus their investigation on attempts to deny liability or minimize a victim’s claims. Unlike a typical motor vehicle accident, tractor-trailer crashes raise complex issues involving federal statutes governing driver qualifications, training, and supervision. It is imperative that an injured person contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible after an accident in order to preserve critical evidence and protect a victim’s right to fair compensation. 

Roadway defects may also be a substantial cause of a crash. On a daily basis, highway construction contractors create dangerous pavement drop-offs, install inadequate warning signs, or fail to utilize proper traffic control devices. Attorney Michael Workman has the knowledge and experience to take action against these companies and public entities whose wrongful conduct create these deadly conditions.

Representative Cases:

Seven-figure settlement for elderly driver who suffered life-threatening injuries in Virginia tractor-trailer crash.

Substantial six-figure settlement in motor vehicle crash involving transport of disabled patient.

Police officer suffered multiple spinal disc herniations in motor vehicle crash caused by negligent motorist texting while driving.

Six–figure settlement to tractor-trailer driver who sustained severe injuries in Arkansas crash caused by another tractor-trailer.

Multi-million dollar verdict for construction worker who developed RSD (Reflex sympathetic dystrophy) following rear-end motor vehicle crash.

Six-figure settlement for motorcyclist injured in highway crash.

Multiple six-figure settlements to family members injured in South Carolina motor vehicle crash.

Substantial six-figure settlement for 32-year-old woman who suffered multiple spinal disc bulges when a commercial truck rear-ended her vehicle. 

Six-figure settlement to cross-walk pedestrian who sustained hip and back injuries when the defendant driver ignored a stop sign. 

Six-figure verdict in favor of young woman injured in a motorcycle crash caused by a negligent tractor-trailer driver. 

Multi-million dollar settlement in a case involving a dangerous drop-off created during highway construction; roadway drop-off caused the vehicle to flip several times, killing a young mother. 

Automaker’s defectively designed seatbelt caused a young woman’s death when her SUV rolled over, she slipped out of her buckled seatbelt, and was thrown from her vehicle.

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