Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury is defined as a disruption to brain function caused by an external physical force such as a violent shaking or a blow to the head. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, motor vehicle crashes are the major cause of brain injury in people younger than age 75. A concussion, or closed head injury, accounts for about 75% of annual brain injuries. Even a mild closed head injury may cause headaches, memory problems, and difficulty thinking. More severe injuries include paralysis and death.

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that each year in the U.S. as many as 1.5 million people sustain a traumatic brain jury. That’s one TBI every 21 seconds. Of these victims, approximately 50,000 die, 23,000 are hospitalized, over 1,000,000 are treated in an emergency room, and 80,000 to 90,000 suffer long-term mental disabilities. Brain injury is the leading cause of death in motorcycle crashes. Approximately 50,000 children are struck by a vehicle each year, often sustaining serious brain injuries. Approximately 5.3 million Americans currently have a long-term or lifelong need for assistance in performing activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, and dressing.

The signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury are often subtle, and may not appear until days or weeks following an injury. Oftentimes, an injured person will look fine even though they may act or feel differently. Common signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injury include:

Behavioral: Physical: Cognitive:
Irritability Headaches Attention difficulties
Depression Dizziness Concentration problems
Anxiety Insomnia Memory problems
Sleep disturbances Fatigue Orientation problems
Problems with emotional control Uneven gait
Loss of initiative Nausea
Difficulties at work or school Blurred vision
Problems with relationships

Taking a careful medical history is often critical to detecting a traumatic brain injury, so it is extremely important to seek a complete medical evaluation if you or a loved one experiences these common signs and symptoms.

The cost of traumatic brain injuries to North Carolina residents is enormous. For example, in 2000, hospital charges (excluding professional fees and medications) totaled $118,000,000. This figure does not include lost time from work for victims and their caretaker families. An estimate of years of potential life lost due to traumatic brain injury deaths from 1989 through 1998 in North Carolina is 65 million years.

Brain injury survivors and their families often face a long, difficult road to recovery.

A family’s life is often dramatically changed by the worry, costs, and uncertainty surrounding a loved one’s brain injury. For these reasons, it is critical to hire a caring, compassionate, and experienced attorney.

Representative Cases:

Confidential six-figure settlement for seven-year-old who sustained traumatic brain injury in South Carolina tractor-trailer crash.

Confidential six-figure settlement involving minister who sustained mild traumatic brain injury in tractor-trailer crash.

Seven-figure verdict for a 48-year-old woman who suffered traumatic brain injuries when a city bus slammed into her pickup truck.

Six-figure settlement for a college student who suffered a closed head injury when his car was struck by a speeding drunk driver.

Confidential settlement on behalf of a 23-year-old man who sustained head injuries when a drunken teenager struck him with a garden hoe.

Confidential settlement on behalf of a United Parcel Service driver who suffered a closed head injury when a truck darted out in front of his vehicle.

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