Charlotte, NC Attorney Michael WorkmanOver the last 30 years, attorney Michael Workman has fought for justice on behalf of injured people and their families. The firm pushes cases forward with relentless efficiency, relying on tenacity, thorough case preparation, and professional integrity. The firm uses the latest technology to serve its clients, including the most advanced computer hardware and case management systems. We’re able to handle complex litigation involving multiple defendants and hundreds of thousands of documents, and produce state of the art demonstrative and video evidence for presentation at settlement conferences and trials. Depending on the case, the firm retains experts skilled in accident reconstruction, neuropsychology, economics, mechanical engineering, design safety, medical records analysis, and vocational rehabilitation. These experts employ the latest scientific techniques in their testing and analysis.

In many cases, the firm conducts focus groups to give clients a first-hand look at how a real jury may decide their case. Clients observe actual deliberations of mock jurors who hear summarized versions of the evidence likely to be presented at trial. This experience is an invaluable tool for evaluating cases prior to settlement discussions.

Attorney Michael Workman is licensed in North Carolina, Louisiana, and California, and has represented individuals in numerous state and federal courts throughout the United States. He graduated magna cum laude from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi where he served as student body president. Following graduate work at the University of Chicago, he received his law degree from the University of Mississippi School of Law. He is a member of the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina, American Trial Lawyer’s Association, the North Carolina Trial Lawyer’s Association, the Mecklenburg County Trial Lawyers Association, and has been admitted to all federal courts in North Carolina and California.

Practice Areas

Charlotte, NC attorney specializing in Motor Vehicle Crashes

Motor Vehicle Crashes

When the Rules of the Road are violated.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in Brain Injury Litigation

Brain Injury

The silent epidemic.

Charlotte NC Attorney Specializing in Wrongful Death Litigation

Wrongful Death

When your loved one's life is taken.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in Pool Filter Explosions

Pool Filter Explosions

Filter top blow offs occur without warning.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in workplace injuries

Workplace Injuries

Safety first, not last.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in business litigation

Business Litigation

When you're the victim of a financial scam.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in product hazards

Product Hazards

Consumer safety always comes first.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in birth injury

Birth Injury

What to do when they hurt your baby.

Charlotte NC attorney specializing in Premises Liability

Premises Liability

How to protect yourself

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