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Stay Focused On Your Goals

by Isabelle Workman 1. Start with small changes – instead of a diet overhaul, make small changes to what you eat and drink that will work for you now and in the future. 2. Take one day at a time – sometimes things don’t go as planned, even with the best intentions. If you miss on one milestone for your goal, don’t give up. 3. Be active your way – pick activities you enjoy. If you focus on having fun or learning a new skill that interests you, you will be more likely to stick with it. 4. Team up – find a friend with similar goals. Swap healthy recipes and be active together. Staying on target is easier with support and a cheerleader. 5. Celebrate successes – think of each change as a “win”. As you build positive habits and find ways to reach your goals, reward yourself. You have earned... read more

Focus on Whole Fruits

by Isabelle Workman 1. Keep a bowl of whole fruit on the table, counter, or in the refrigerator. 2. Refrigerate cut-up fruit to store for later. 3. Buy fresh fruits in season when they may be less expensive and at their peak flavor. 4. Buy fruits that are dried, frozen, and canned in water or 100% juice as well as fresh, so that you can always have a supply on demand. 5. Consider convenience when shopping. Try pre-cut packages of fruit (such as melon or pineapple chunks) for a healthy snack in seconds. Choose packages of fruit that do not have added... read more


by Isabelle Workman Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day. He was a Christian minister and activist who led a groundbreaking civil rights movement and gave African Americans the courage to speak up against injustice. MLK day is an American federal holiday. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta on January 15 and the holiday falls on the nearest Monday to this date. It became a federal holiday in 1986. One of his many great beliefs was that a nonviolent movement of civil disobedience was the best way to win civil rights for African Americans. He helped pave the way for LBJ to enact the Civil Rights bills that still stand today declaring that all races are equal and none should ever be discriminated against. In 1964, King received the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent fight against racial inequality. He was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4,... read more

Tips on Dairy Foods

by Isabelle Workman The Dairy Group includes milk, yogurt, cheese, and fortified soy milk. They provide calcium, Vitamin D, potassium, protein and other nutrients. 1. Skim the fat – drink skim milk or low fat (1%) milk. If you have been drinking whole milk, switch to lower fat versions. 2. Boost potassium and vitamin D, and cut sodium – choose fat free or low fat milk and yogurt more often than cheese. Milk and yogurt have more potassium and less sodium than most cheese. Also almost all milk and many yogurts are fortified with Vitamin D. 3. Top off your meals – use fat free or low fat milk on cereals and oatmeal. Top fruit salad and baked potatoes with low fat yogurt instead of higher fat toppings such as sour cream. 4. Choose cheeses with less fat – look for reduced fat or low fat on the label. 5. Is cream cheese a part of the dairy group? No – cream cheese, creams, and butter are not part of the dairy group. They are high in saturated fat and have little or no calcium. 6. Switch ingredients – when recipes call for sour cream, substitute plain yogurt. Use fat free evaporated milk instead of cream, and low fat or fat free ricotta cheese as a substitute for cream cheese. 7. Take care of yourself and your family. Parents who drink milk and eat dairy show their kids that it is important to your health. Dairy foods are important to build growing bones in kids and teens and to maintain bone health in... read more

Smart Lunch Choices

by Isabelle Workman Make small changes to your usual lunch options to find a healthy eating style that works for you. For example, cut down on saturated fat in an entree salad by using a vinaigrette, rather than creamy dressing, and choosing protein foods that are prepared in healthier ways, such as grilled or baked instead of fried. Example: Instead of eating a chicken salad sandwich (525 calories, 5g saturated fat, 877 mg. sodium, 3g added sugar), choose a 1/2 chicken salad sandwich with a small side salad (328 calories, 3g saturated fat, 605 mg. sodium, 3g added sugars. Another example, instead of lunching on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a small bag of chips (557 calories, 4g saturated fat, 543 mg. sodium, 12g added sugars, choose to eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich with baby carrots (313 calories, 2g saturated fat, 379 mg. sodium, 3g added sugars. By just making a few small changes, you will be eating much healthier, and losing weight at the same... read more

Family Physical Fitness

by Isabelle Workman Physical activity is important for adults, teenagers, and children. Adults need 30 – 45 minutes a day and children and teenagers need at least 60 minutes. Follow these tips to add more activity to your family’s busy schedule. 1. Determine time slots through the week when the whole family is available. Try doing something active after dinner and begin the weekend with a Saturday morning walk. 2. Plan ahead and track your progress. Write down your activity plans on a family calendar. Let the kids help in planning activities and check them off when completed. 3. Include work around the house. Involve the kids in yard work and other active chores around the house. Have them help you with the raking, weeding, planting, and vacuuming. 4. Use what is available – plan activities that require little or minimum equipment. Examples include walking, jogging, jumping rope, dancing, playing tag. 5. Plan for all weather conditions – try indoor swimming, mall walking, or active video games. 6. Turn off the TV – set a rule that no one can spend longer than 2 hours a day playing video games, watching TV, or using the computer (except for schoolwork). Instead go for a bicycle ride when the weather is nice. 7. Involve other families – invite others to join your family. This is a great way to socialize and be active at the same time. 8. Treat the family with fun activities – plan a trip to the zoo, park, or lake. Just keep the whole family... read more

National Hand Washing Month

by Isabelle Workman December is National Hand Washing Month. Bacteria can be spread in many ways. But simply by consistently washing your hands, it will minimize spreading bacteria and keep you safer from flu and cold germs. 1. Wash your hands with warm soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after handling food and after using the restroom. 2. Wash your hands after playing with pets or visiting petting zoos. 3. Wash cutting boards, utensils and counter tops with hot soapy water after preparing each food and before you go on to the next food. 4. Use paper towels to clean up kitchen surfaces because cloth towels can become contaminated with bacteria. 5. Rinse fresh fruits and vegetables under running water, including those with skins and rinds that are not eaten. 6. Keep books, backpacks, purses, and shopping bags off of the kitchen table or counters where food is prepared and served. 7. If you exercise at a gym, wash your hands with hot soapy water before and after using any gym... read more

Seven Tips on Eating Out

by Isabelle Workman Restaurants and fast-food places offer a variety of options when eating out. But larger portions can make it easy to eat or drink too many calories. Think about ways to make healthier choices. 1. Consider Your Drink – choose water, fat free, or low fat milk, unsweetened tea, and other drinks without added sugars. 2. Savor A Salad – start your meal with a salad packed with vegetables to help you feel satisfied sooner. Ask for dressing on the side and use a small amount of it. 3. Share A Main Dish – divide a main entree between family and friends. Ask for small plates for everyone at the table. 4. Order A Side Dish Or An Appetizer Sized Portion Instead Of A Regular Entree. They’re usually served on smaller plates and in smaller amounts. 5. Fill Your Plate With Vegetables And Fruit – stir fries, kabobs, or vegetarian menu items usually have more vegetables. Select fruit as a side dish or dessert. 6. Pass On The Buffet 7. Quit The Clean Your Plate Club – decide to save some for another meal. Take leftovers home in a container and chill in the refrigerator right... read more

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