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Seafood Health Benefits

by Isabelle Workman Seafood contains a range of nutrients, notably the omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Eating about 8 ounces per week of a variety of seafood contributes to the prevention of heart disease. The healthiest seafood varieties consumed in the United States are: salmon, anchovies, sardines, shrimp, pacific oysters, trout, Atlantic and Pacific mackerel. The health benefits from seafood act as building blocks for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. They also contain the necessary enzymes, hormones, and vitamins. In addition, they contain B vitamins which help play a vital role in the function of the nervous systems, and aid in the formation of red blood cells. Seafood contains iron, magnesium, and zinc. Eating 8 ounces per week of seafood will make a much healthier... read more

Why is Physical Activity Important?

by Isabelle Workman Being physically active can help: 1. Increase your chance of living longer. 2. Feel better about yourself. 3. Decrease your chance of becoming depressed. 4. Sleep well at night. 5. Move around more easily. 6. Have stronger muscles and bones. 7. Stay at or get to a healthy weight. 8. Be with friends or meet new people. 9. Enjoy yourself and have... read more

Stay Warm with Winter Workouts

by Isabelle Workman 1. Join a walking group in the neighborhood or at the local shopping mall. Recruit a partner for support and encouragement. 2. Push a baby or grandbaby in a stroller. 3. Walk up and down the soccer or softball field, while watching your kids or grand kids play. 4. Get the whole family involved – enjoy a bike ride with your kids or grandkids. 5. Walk the dog. 6. Walk, skate, or cycle more. 7. Do stretches, exercises, or pedal while watching television. 8. Plant and care for a vegetable or flower garden. 9. Play with your kids or grandkids. 10. Exercise to a workout... read more

Healthy Eating on a Budget

by Isabelle Workman 1. Create a grocery game plan – making a plan before heading to the store can help you get organized, save money, and choose healthy options. 2. Shop smart to fill your basket – buy in season products. Frozen vegetables without added sauces or butter are as good for you as fresh and may cost less. 3. Don’t pay full price – check the local newspaper, online, and at the store for sales, coupons, and specials. 4. Stick to your list – don’t shop when you are hungry and stick to your list 5. Buy in bulk when items are on sale. 6. Buy small amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits frequently. That will ensure that you can eat the food without throwing any away. 7. Store brands can mean savings – opt for them when possible because they are less expensive. 8. Plan and cook smart – prepare and freeze vegetables, soups, stews, or other dishes in advance. This saves time and money. Add leftover vegetables to casseroles or blend them to make soup. Overripe fruit is great for smoothies or... read more

Liven Up Your Meal

by Isabelle Workman 1. Fire up the grill – use the grill to cook vegetables and fruits. Grilled fruits like peaches, pineapples, or mangos add great flavor to your cook out. 2. Expand the flavor of your casseroles – mix vegetables such as sautéed onions, peas, pinto beans, or tomatoes into your favorite dish. 3. Plan something Italian – add extra veggies to your pasta. Slip some peppers, spinach, red beans, onions, or cherry tomatoes into your traditional tomato sauce. 4. Get in on the stir-fry fun. Stir-fry your veggies like broccoli, carrots, snap peas, mushrooms, or green beans for a quick and easy addition to your meal. 5. Be creative with your baked goods – add apples, bananas, blueberries, or pears to your favorite muffin recipe. Add fruit to your pancakes!! 6. Add veggies to your sandwiches – try sliced tomatoes, romaine lettuce, or avocados for extra flavor. 7. Make a tasty fruit smoothie for a snack or a dessert – blend strawberries, blueberries, raspberries with frozen bananas and add fruit juice and ice for a delicious frozen fruit... read more

Stay Focused On Your Goals

by Isabelle Workman 1. Start with small changes – instead of a diet overhaul, make small changes to what you eat and drink that will work for you now and in the future. 2. Take one day at a time – sometimes things don’t go as planned, even with the best intentions. If you miss on one milestone for your goal, don’t give up. 3. Be active your way – pick activities you enjoy. If you focus on having fun or learning a new skill that interests you, you will be more likely to stick with it. 4. Team up – find a friend with similar goals. Swap healthy recipes and be active together. Staying on target is easier with support and a cheerleader. 5. Celebrate successes – think of each change as a “win”. As you build positive habits and find ways to reach your goals, reward yourself. You have earned... read more

Focus on Whole Fruits

by Isabelle Workman 1. Keep a bowl of whole fruit on the table, counter, or in the refrigerator. 2. Refrigerate cut-up fruit to store for later. 3. Buy fresh fruits in season when they may be less expensive and at their peak flavor. 4. Buy fruits that are dried, frozen, and canned in water or 100% juice as well as fresh, so that you can always have a supply on demand. 5. Consider convenience when shopping. Try pre-cut packages of fruit (such as melon or pineapple chunks) for a healthy snack in seconds. Choose packages of fruit that do not have added... read more


by Isabelle Workman Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day. He was a Christian minister and activist who led a groundbreaking civil rights movement and gave African Americans the courage to speak up against injustice. MLK day is an American federal holiday. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta on January 15 and the holiday falls on the nearest Monday to this date. It became a federal holiday in 1986. One of his many great beliefs was that a nonviolent movement of civil disobedience was the best way to win civil rights for African Americans. He helped pave the way for LBJ to enact the Civil Rights bills that still stand today declaring that all races are equal and none should ever be discriminated against. In 1964, King received the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent fight against racial inequality. He was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4,... read more
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Michael Workman

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